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    We offer building surveying services, such as drafting, photographic recording, boroscope and concrete inspections, all provided by our professional technicians.

  • High-pressure cleaning
    High-pressure cleaning

    We can reach even the highest windows, rooftops, and any other area that would otherwise be too dangerous to clean on your own.

  • rope access technician during work
    Painting on ropes

    Whether you’re looking for a surefire way to simply repaint your walls, you can count on our rope access technicians to do that for you in a way that is both safe and completely reliable.



Rope access now a widespread service that can be utilised in many areas that require a safe, unintrusive way to work at a greater height. The reason rope access was initially used in the offshore industry was because it was a work placement technique that is safe, environmentally friendly, and completely unintrusive. It was soon noticed that all these traits make it the perfect solution for many other off-shore activities. As such, rope access companies have moved on to work on buildings, but old and new, including local city centres and industrial complexes, etc.
Our professionals carry out construction (welding, painting, cleaning, etc.), installation, assembly, maintenance and other works for both onshore and offshore sectors (on land and sea) using mainly rope access techniques.

Alpin Group is a company that offers the best rope access and work at heights services.

the best rope access services

We work for a diverse range of clients.

There are times when you need the help of a specialist. Someone who isn’t afraid to reach new heights and walk off the beaten path. Someone who will get the job done quickly yet efficiently, while keeping things safe. Sometimes, you just need the best rope access technician to help you out.

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  • If you have a dream, go to it. You can’t go - crawl. You can’t crawl - roll. You can’t even do this - lie down and look in the direction of your dreams.
    Industrial Rope Access
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    Industrial Rope Access/ work in our company

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